Novice Winners
The Gladiators

Atom Winners
Black Raiders

Bantam Winners
The West End Weinermen

Midget Winners
Greely Grinders

Photos from the Day!

About the Ball Hockey Tournament

The Top Shelf 4-on-4 Barrhaven Ball Hockey Tournament is set in the heart of Barrhaven, at the Chapman Mills Marketplace and Barrhaven Town Centre malls. This unique youth ball hockey tournament, held on May 15th, 2016, celebrates hockey culture in a wholesome, festival atmosphere that will make kids feel like NHL pros and will be one of the most memorable local events of the year!

Featuring four 100’ x 50’ arenas, and games running on each surface throughout the entire day, the 2016 edition of the Top Shelf 4-on-4 Barrhaven Ball Hockey Tournament will host a total of 32 youth teams in four different age divisions, with the potential to expand in the Ottawa 2017 Celebration year.

It’s all about neighbours helping neighbours.

Barrhaven Food Cupboard

In its inaugural year, the Top Shelf 4-on-4 Barrhaven Ball Hockey Tournament raised $1,450.00 for the Barrhaven Food Cupboard!

The number of families who need help in Barrhaven has increased dramatically in recent years, from fewer than 40 food orders per month in 2009 to more than 110 per month in 2015. This means the BFC helped 307 families in 2015, delivering over 11,000 pounds of food and more than $28,000 in grocery gift certificates. Over 50% of the recipients were children.

Learn more about the Barrhaven Food Cupboard, and how you can help, by visiting their website.

Our Sponsors

A big thank you to our sponsors, both for their support of the Top Shelf 4-on-4 Barrhaven Ball Hockey Tournament and their continued support of the Barrhaven community throughout the year.

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